Canungra Cup
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The main annual competition organised by the CHGC is the Canungra Paragliding Cup, which is held from 26.10. - 2.11.2013.

Queensland Cross Country Championships 2013
The QLD State Championship are run over a number of weekends in different flying areas. It is open to all South East Queensland club pilots. The 2013 format will be a bit different from past years:
  • There will be a total of 12 possible task days.
  • 4 task days will be held on 4 weekends (Sunday) between May and September. The weekends will be organised in a fly-in format across both the Saturday and Sunday of that weekend. One day is for serious flying (Sunday), the other for development: senior pilots and instructors will assist lower airtime pilots as a practice day (Saturday). Many senior pilots and instructors have already volunteered to hold skill clinics on key subjects like: flying competitions, flying new sites, instrument skills, dealing with busy skies, flying the Canungra Cup, and much more.
  • The 8 scheduled days of the Canungra Cup will be scored within the Qld Champs.
The four weekends are as follows:
  • May 4/5 proudly hosted by the Toowoomba Club
  • June 22/23 - Site TBA
  • August 10/11 - Canungra Club
  • September 14/15 - Site TBA
  • (plus the 8 days of the Canungra Cup)
  • Other clubs are welcome to nominate to host one of these weekends - please contact Ian McFarlane for details.
Paragliding Weekend Series
This competition runs on most Saturdays and Sundays and is designed to encourage XC flying. If you want to get involved you just need to be on the hill on a Sunday, check in with the person organising the task for the day and submit your tracklog afterwards.

Please visit the highclouds competition page for further details as well as past results.

Current Canungra Site Records
  • Mt. Tamborine: Shane Hill 114km (2004)
  • Beechmont: Enda Murphy 325km (11.2007)
  • Flying Fox: Gavin Zahner 92km (29.10.2008)
  • Hinchcliffe's: Shane Hill 131km (14.1.2009)
  • Scotsman's: Ian McFarlane 72km
  • 4 Mile Lane: Brandon O'Donnell 46km
  • First crossing of Cunninghams Gap W-E: Phil Hystek (1995)
  • First crossing of Cunninghams Gap E-W: Andrew Horchner (2002)
  • Tandem Record: Ian McFarlane 43.5km (31.7.2011)
  • "Bolero" Record: Ian McFarlane 55km
Here are the flight tracks of some of these record flights:
  • Ian McFarlane + Passenger (31.7.2011) 43.5km from Beechmont on a Topo Map
  • Gavin Zahner (29.10.2008) 92km from Flying Fox on a Topo map (tracklog here)
  • Shane Hill (20.10.2007) 261km from Beechmont on a Road map and on a Topo map
  • Shane Hill (14.1.2009) 131km from Hinchcliffe: Track Log
  • Shane Hill (2004) 114km from Tambo on a Road map and on a Topo map
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