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Membership is for 12 months from 1st July - 30th June. The cost is $225 for flying members ($20 for non-flying, non-voting members). A discount of $25 applies on the membership fee if it is paid before June 30 each year. The membership fee does include all site fees.

There is a student membership (cost $10) which is valid until 30th June of the year in question, or until a restricted/supervised pilot license is issued (whichever comes first).

To join the CHGC please continue to the joining page and follow the procedure. For renewing an existing membership please use the renewal form. Joining online is the only accepted method, payment methods offered are bank deposit/transfer and Paypal.

On application for Club membership, all members agree to indemnify all landowners from any claim for damages/loss incurred whilst participation in the sport of Hang Gliding or Paragliding on their land.

Visiting Pilots
There are two types of Visiting Pilot Membership, Day and Short Term.
  • A Day Membership is valid for a single day's flying only (at all sites). The fee is $10 per day. There is a maximum of ten Day Memberships per pilot per year.
  • The Short Term Membership is valid for a period of 2 weeks and includes all site fees. There is a maximum of three visiting pilot memberships per year and per pilot. The fee is $30, payable in advance.
All visitor memberships are handled via the normal online joining procedure, and all pilots must have completed their membership before flying. (There is an Internet cafe in Canungra which may come handy.)

Visiting pilots are required to fill in the nomination details of a full club member as their local contact. If visiting pilots do not know anybody they must then nominate the relevant safety officer and speak to them before flying. The safety officer can then put the visiting pilot in contact with other pilots who will be flying on the same days. It is a requirement that visiting pilots fly with a full club member at all times.

Visiting Tour Groups
Tour Group Operators wishing to visit our club sites must fill in the tour group form (available here as PDF or here as Word doc) and either email or post it to the club secretary. Full details are on the form. The information will be presented to our Senior Safety Officers and the Committee for consideration.
Code of Conduct
The Pilot Code of Conduct outlines the most important guidelines for pilots in our area.

IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE: the Club-imposed penalties will be enforced for height limit offenders. It is the pilot's responsibility to know the appropriate height limits and airspace restrictions for ALL Club sites! See the area guide for specific rules.

Club Contact List
Canungra Hang Gliding Club
P.O. Box 41
Canungra QLD 4275

Simeon Bailey
Mobile: 0418 440 117
Vice President:
Ken Hill
Mobile: 0418 188 655
Secretary, Grants Officer:
Gregory Moczynski
Mobile: 0438 253 685
Steve Monson
Mobile: 0407 597 096
Military Liaison Officer:
Rob Wilton
Mobile: 0418732325
Senior Safety Officer Paragliding:
Mobile: 0418 155 317
Phone: (H) 07 5543 4000

Mobile: 0416 089 889

Safety Officers PG
small mugshot
Dave Gibbs
small mugshot
Martin Havel
small mugshot
Ian McFarlane
small mugshot
Barney Miller
small mugshot
Geoff Sexton
small mugshot
Jason Turner
small mugshot
Rob Wilton
small mugshot
Gavin Zahner
Contact details can be found in the Members Only section.
Senior Safety Officer Hanggliding:
Mobile: 0418 188 655
Safety Officers HG
small mugshot
Lisa Bradley
small mugshot
Rod Flockhart
small mugshot
Walt Nielsen
small mugshot
Trevor Purcell
small mugshot
Darren Rickertt
small mugshot
Dave Staver
small mugshot
Dave Stevens
small mugshot
john smith
Contact details can be found in the Members Only section.
Tech Delegate:
D Tim Cummings
Mobile: 0418 778 422, Fax: 07 5543 4493
Website, Email:
Alexander Zangerl
The club-internal private contact lists can be found in the members only area.
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