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Jerry Furnell created the event Dalby Towing PG

5 months ago

Leo Schneider-FenskyStill to learn a lot.
Always happy to get constructive advise from my fellow pilots.
Many happy landings!


    Christian WeberHi folks,
    my name is Chris and I am from Bavaria.

    I study for one semester at Griffiths. At the moment I live in Labrador.

    Maybe someone can pick me up if he/she is going to fly :). Just give a me call 61481374255


    Jeanine GlassonThe world never stops to amaze me. Looking at Tambo launch. Thanks Vit for this great shot.


      Riaan De beer


        Martin Havel


          jules makkI boat around the skies ,watching pretty butterflies


            Kate BakerHi Everyone. This is just a note to let you all know that if you land in the top landing at Beechmont, you must write your name down in the log book. The log book is situated in a green box that is mounted on the fence to your right as you approach the gate at the top. Please ensure you and anyone else with you logs their landings in this book. Cheers.


              Wayne LeeI learnt HG in 1983 in Sydney & moved to the GC flying regularly until late 2008 when I stopped.I rejoined in 2015.


                stephen frostHello fellow sleddies. Can anyone please advise whether Beechmont will be OK for restricted pilots on the weekend. If so is anyone interested in car pooling for sleddies, and lastly does anyone know what time the safety officers may be there. Thankyou


                  stephen frostI hope I am doing this right. Today I found a radio in my car,its not mine. probably one of they person's I gave a lift from Beechmont bomb out to launch about two weeks ago. My name is Steve Frost on 0406056194.


                    Dirk BarberIs the Fly-in still on Tomorrow?


                    Drew Salemcreated the topic: Interactive Residential Map for Visiting Membership

                    There is now an interactive map on the membership page that visiting pilots can use to determine if they live outside the 60km Canungra Radius....


                    Gary Allanis anybody planning on flying today from Beachmont?


                      SuperUser Accountcreated the topic: Test

                      This is a Test