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Step 1 Payment of Membership to Bank account or Paypal.  

(Annual pro rata rate to year ending 30 June, only available via Bank account, calculated by online membership registration.)

Step 2 Complete Membership registration (include payment reference) Membership Registration online

Membership Types

We have a variety of membership types to cater for everyone, whether you're a visitor, student or planning on flying all year round. Information can be found below. You can change membership type at any stage using the same form, but please be aware that membership is non-refundable. 

If you are ready to join, renew or change your membership type, then please click the Join Here button


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Full Membership

Full membership is for a year from 1st July. If you join between 1st July and 1st October, the fee is $200 for the year. From 1st July, calculation is based on a pro-rata rate. This calculation is based on today's date and the exact amount is displayed at the beginning of the registration when you click on the Join Here button.

If wishing to pay for the new club year, please do not pay for Full Membership before 15th June.

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Visitor Member:

There are two types of Visitor Membership, however you can only join as a Visitor if you live outside a 60km radius of Canungra. Click on image below to be taken to an Interactive Map, if you are unsure if this applies to you.

Two Days Visitor Membership: $20. For any two days within the next five calendar days. There is a maximum of six Day Memberships per pilot per year.

Two Weeks - 14 Day Membership: $30. There is a maximum of three visiting pilot memberships per year and per pilot.

As a Visiting Member, you will need to specify an existing member that will nominate you. If you do not know anyone at the club, please contact a Senior Safety Officer via the Contacts page.

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If you're a student, have not yet been signed off and you're still under instruction, you can are entitled to Student membership. The Student membership fee is $20 and is valid until 30th June or until an HGFA Restricted Pilot license is issued. 

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